Being based in Noosa, home to some of the best longboard waves on the planet, it’s a given that despite being primarily known as a performance shortboard brand Water Pistols would have a log or two amongst our range.

Only a recent addition Water Pistols longboards will come in two models that we have yet to name. Pictured are a couple of our traditional logs that can be ordered any length from 9’1” – 10’, featuring 50/50 rails, nose concave, old style glassing, tail blocks (standard) and noseblocks (optional), colour co-ordinated individually handmade fixed fin for each board, tasteful pinlines and glassed to last these rigs are not only a nod to days gone by but art pieces in their own right representing the culmination of Stueys 45 years immersed in the board industry.

Longboard model two is also a log style craft but more a hybrid fusion of old and new. It boasts a similar planshape to the Traditional Log, though I prefer these in a roundtail, a little more rocker, a modern style rail, nose concave, less bottom roll and faster hard-edged tail release. This blend of old and new yields a slightly more user-friendly ride that while still retaining many old school characteristics, think glide and noseride, is noticeably more responsive and manoeuvrable making it an excellent choice if you intend to also surf a lot of beachbreak conditions when the points aren’t doing their thing.

Putting our longboards through development and testing have been standout Noosa talents Jess Jerrems and none other than our Minister for all Craft Alternate the legendary Dwayne Paenga. These guys provide invaluable feedback and affirmation swapping between the Paenga driven Traditional Log and the Jerrems inspired Hybrid. Not to be outdone our ladies, the multi-talented Coco Cairns and Katsuki have been instrumental in us keeping in touch with the subtle nuances required for the female log pilot. 

No we are not the established longboard builder since the 60s but we make incredible looking craft that are well constructed from the finest materials, perform like a dream, are totally unique and perhaps best of all, running a grizzly adams beard, wearing your best collared shirt, funny hat and carrying your shitzu while surfing First Point is not a requirement for riding our logs ;-).

Happy surfing ………..

October 15, 2019 — Stuart Campbell